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Investment Planning

Investment Advisory Service

At Avallis Financial, objective and responsible investment advice, coupled with a cost-effective Investment Advisory Service (IAS) facilitates accountability, consistent monitoring and periodic adjustments, bringing together an advisory process where you are not only involved, but in control.

Keeping in line with your investment objectives and upon your instructions, our Portfolio Asset Management scheme (PAM) will regularly rebalance your asset mix in response to the market’s advances and declines. Critical to our approach is accountability, where you will consistently receive performance reports of your portfolio and rebalancing recommendation where needed. With us, your investment cost is kept to a minimum by using our own fund settlement system. Avallis Financial’s Investment Committee conducts regular reviews and audits to determine if rebalancing of the asset classification and funds is required. In short, PAM gives you the assurance of a sound investment process at work. Through responsible investment management, client-specific financial analysis and market research, we can help you achieve your financial goals consistently and well-diversified to your needs.

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