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General Insurance


We insure our motor vehicles and homes because we are aware that an unforeseen accident may result in a damage or loss to our asset or to a third party.

The risk of loss is not just confined to vehicles and homes that we own. Many of us own physical assets such home equipment, personal devices, valuables and many others that may have similar risk exposure. In addition, we may partake in activities like travelling, sports and games etc whether for pleasure or work that may involve risks of accidents and injury.

Additionally, accident or damage to a third party or his asset as a result of our negligence may result in us bearing the financial responsibilities. In short, we are exposed to different types of risk by virtue of the activities we do and the assets that we own. To reduce the impact of losses due to such situations, it is prudent to ensure that we have the necessary general insurance coverage that will pay for the financial losses incurred.

Hence it is vital to ensure the right insurance coverages are taken ranging from home and motor to personal accident and travel insurance just to name a few.

As an exempt general insurance broker, we deal with various types of insurance coverage from multiple insurers to ensure that you can be adequately covered to avoid the financial burden caused by unforeseen events.

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