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Life Insurance Products

Avallis Financial offer a wide array of insurance products, from traditional whole life, universal life, endowment, term, critical illness, disability, hospitalisation plans to retirement planning products.

The sheer diversity of products we carry allows us to package plans and provide options that are not available via a single insurance company. This diversity means that the limited amount of claims allowed under section 63 of the Insurance Act can be multiplied when cover is spread over many insurance companies. For the less healthy, you can be assured of the most competitive terms as we will source for the best conditions for you.

Investment Products

Relying on a single institution to be able to invest effectively across all markets and sectors on a consistent basis may be unwise. Avallis Financial works with a multitude of fund managers, tapping on their strengths in sectors which they are most familiar with. Hence performance of your investments is not limited by the capability of a limited number of fund managers. Avallis Financial provides a wide range of funds ranging from global to regional, equities to bonds. Access to wide, varied choice of funds allows us independence and impartiality when giving you investment advice. Employing a process that assesses the performance of the fund managers, these funds are measured against their benchmarks. You have the opportunity to invest with and capitalise on renowned and competent investment expertise globally.

General Insurance Products

We have a whole suite of general insurance companies to select from. Whether it is personal lines for individuals or corporate insurance, our rates will be competitive. Terms and conditions are thoroughly looked through before a proposal is made. You have the comfort to know that our specialist will be there to help you to see through the jargon and packaging and arrive at solutions based on the right combination of price, coverage and benefits. Our General Insurance department makes sure it conducts itself in a highly compliant manner so that when claims arise, it can be paid according to the terms and conditions of the policy.

Employee Benefit Solutions

As Employee Benefit Brokers, we are able to search the entire market before coming to a recommendation for you, at no extra cost to your company. There is no need to spend any time comparing quotes because we represent your interest and not that of insurance companies. You can always feel confident that our technical analysis and thorough approach ensures that we are able to package plans to yield the most desirable results according to your company’s needs at the most competitive rates. A good Employee Benefits Programme should always be both cost effective to the company, and attractive to the employee.

Whether it’s catering to staff posted overseas or foreign staff working here, portable or non-portable medical schemes or simply creating incentive schemes to retain, reward or recruit staff, with our dedicated team of specialist, you can simply entrust this welfare part of your human resource scope of work to our team, as we will handle the plan design, employee education to claims and plan administration.

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